Foreign minister points to China, any dominance over the Indian or Pacific Ocean is unacceptable

India has recently been fighting China on several fronts. Where India on one side is giving a befitting reply to China on the borders, at the same time, in order to reduce the pressure of China in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, many countries of the world are trying to unite. In a program, the External Affairs Minister, through video conferencing, said that the Indian Pacific is not a past but a future. At the same time, he also targeted China in gestures and said that it is not right to stop the whole world for the benefit of some countries.

In a session organized on the Indo-Pacific and Covid-19 crisis, Jaishankar said, “Apart from various countries, we have recently seen Germany, France and the Netherlands adopting this approach. Time demands that it be given a practical shape. This can happen through discussions between diplomats on a variety of levels. “

It is based on seven pillars of maritime security, marine ecology, marine resources, capacity building and resource sharing, disaster risk reduction, and management,” he said.

LiveHindustan reports that the Foreign Minister said, “The Indo-Pacific concept of domination is unacceptable. The world cannot be stopped for the benefit of some, even if it is a matter of the United Nations. “

The Foreign Minister’s statement comes at a time when China is expanding in the region. Prime Minister Modi in his address to the Shangri La Dialogue in Singapore on 1 June 2018 outlined India’s vision for the Indo-Pacific region and said that India’s view of the Indian Pacific is inclusive and respects the right of everyone to go through the international sea.

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