Are Exit polls an attempt to digress attention from the EVMs?

As polling for 542 constituencies concluded on Sunday, news channels bombarded the country with exit polls. Exit polls are only a survey of a small sample and mostly cannot be trusted. 26 exit polls in Australia came out to be wrong in the recently concluded elections.
To put it in perspective, none of the Exit polls revealed the number of people interviewed, only India Today did. Their survey also interviewed only 7.5 lakh people, which amounts to 1,384 persons per 542 Lok Sabha constituencies. In each Lok Sabha constituency, there are a minimum 4 Assembly constituencies and in each there upwards of 800 booths per constituency. This means that the surveyors have interviewed one person per booth or less, but not more. Is this the number we are expected to believe?
The big issue at hand is that what hides behind these exit polls. Last week, just before the seventh phase polling, India Today exit poll got leaked. It was predicting 177 for NDA, 141 for UPA and 224 for others. How is it that come in less than a week and just after polls in 59 seats, the number of NDA seats doubled and UPA sank. India Today later apologised but that still doesn’t give an answer to the change in numbers.
Is this all to digress the attention from the EVMs?
Speaking on the same lines, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee said that these exit polls are a game to manipulate or replace EVMs.
“I don’t trust Exit Poll gossip. The game plan is to manipulate or replace thousands of EVMs through this gossip. I appeal to all Opposition parties to be united, strong and bold. We will fight this battle together,” tweeted Mamata.
It is also interesting to see that Amit Shah in his press conference on May 17 did predict that BJP will win 300 plus seats. And soon after, all media houses were predicting the same.
Karnataka chief minister HD Kumarswamy in a series of tweets alleged that the “artificially engineered” or “manufactured” Modi wave is being used by the BJP to lure regional parties well in advance to fill any shortfall after the results on May 23.
“Entire Opposition political parties had expressed concern over credibility of EVMs under PM @narendramodi’s rule. Opposition parties even knocked the doors of the Supreme Court asking for a traditional ballot paper electionsto avoid defective EVMs that are vulnerable to fraud,” Kumaraswamy said.
“World wide, even developed countries have opted for traditional polls through paper ballets. The exit poll surveys on May 19 only reiterated the serious concern of the Opposition parties on misuse of vulnerable EVMs for electoral gains by the ruling party,” he said in another tweet.
Stating that exit polls were being used to create an impression that “there is still a Modi wave” in the country, Kumaraswamy said, “This artificially engineered or manufactured Modi wave is being used by the BJP to lure regional parties well in advance to fill any shortfall after the results on May 23.” “The entire exit poll exercise was an effort to create false impression of a wave in favour of one particular leader and the party. As they say, it is just an exit poll, not exact poll,” he added.