#BiharRejectsNitish top trends on twitter, while CM addresses his first virtual rally

Amid the nationwide rise in pandemic cases and overhead Bihar elections, CM Nitish Kumar addresses his first-ever virtual rally when #BiharRejectsNitish trends on twitter.

The most annoyed group among the twitter trends seems to be the youth which is irritated on low employment opportunities and NEET-JEE exams not postponed. Tweets like “Bhashan nahin, rozgaar chahiye!” show how agitated the youth is from the government.

There are so many points on which the general public is calling out the present government. Starting from BPSC results to no development to high crime rates, all facets are being questioned. The migrant workers who came back to the state are compelled to go back to another state due to a lack of job opportunities in Bihar. Even the outlook towards the pandemic is being condemned and questioned. The credibility of data released by the state government was already questioned by the opposition. Lack of basic infrastructure and health facilities in the rural areas is also a question that the Nitish government is being slammed with. Moreover, every year the situation due to flood worsens and no permanent solution is being devised or even being discussed. The public is annoyed at the government for being ignorant of the basic needs.

Simultaneously, the twitter hashtag, #BiharTrustsNitish is also trending. The loyal voters are coming forward to advocate the works of the Nitish government to result in an increased literacy level in 5 years. One of the points people are trending to support Nitish is the fact that he recommended a CBI inquiry in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s.

However, on average, twitter trends show a clear leaning towards RJD mainly because of the poor employment opportunities and many other factors acting on it. One can never be sure of the results but the trends sure portray the anger of the people and the support that back the Nitish government.

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