Role of youth in nation building

So, isn’t it high time, we should take matters in our own hands and make efforts to change things a bit? We can all start the cascading effect by at least stepping out to vote. Sitting at home on polling day with the perception that our vote will not be having any significant impact is the worst thing we can do to ourselves. Yes, Ourselves! No one else goes through drudgery but us. It’s childish to think that our votes do not matter, they do and that too in a big way. The recently concluded Delhi polls stand testimony to this fact. The whole political scenario has changed, which is also slated to have a significant impact on the 2014 General Elections.

Why? Just because people in Delhi ventured out and exercised their franchisee to cast the ballot. The veterans of the seats of power had to wake up from their slumber and take notice. It’s not just the charisma of the newly formed political outfit (AAP). I mean they are yet to deliver. It is to be seen what they are capable of doing. But the real heroes who have emerged out of this extravaganza are the ‘voters’. They have shown to the seasoned politicians that, if given a credible option, they will not hesitate in giving them a chance and snatch the powers from the ones who think that running the country is their birthright.

The word ‘Democracy’ cannot be taken lightly anymore. It has once again become ‘ by the people, of the people and for the people, which was sadly not the case sometime back.

Politically speaking our country is divided into various vote banks. There is the upper caste v.b, the minorities, the poorvanchalis, the migrants, and similarly the Youth vote bank. Unlike the other strata of society, the decisions of youth are not influenced by the ‘loyalty bias’. They will not vote for anyone if they don’t find credibility in them.

Casteism and regionalism don’t influence their decisions, they are totally driven by rationality. That is where the power of youths lies and makes them the target audience for campaigners. They know that the youth of India make up a major portion of the society and their votes will make all the difference. If they come to know that the youth turnout in a specific region is expected to be high they will put up candidates based on their merit and not just on the basis of their popularity. The politicians understand the potential of the youth voters but alas!

We, the youth ourselves fail to realize it. All this is possible only if we cast our votes. We need to be aware of the agendas of various parties and then make a well-informed decision. As the old saying goes “Rome was not built in a day” similarly it will take time to change the whole scenario of the nation but it is always the first step that is the most crucial and most important, which according to me is stepping out to get that finger inked!

Happy Voting!!