Women’s discussion organized in Supaul on the occasion of International Women’s Day

Resolve to fight together for the rights of Koshi victims and women.

Even after 75 years of independence, half of the population in the middle of the Koshi embankment has been suffering from lack of basic facilities.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, under the joint aegis of Koshi Mahila Manch and Koshi Navnirman Manch, a discussion was organized in the trade union auditorium on the topic “75 years of independence, challenges, and workload before the women of Koshi”.
In the discussion, the speakers said that International Women’s Day is a day of freedom, equality, and respect for women. That’s why today we are celebrating Women’s Day by gathering together. The contribution of women in the country’s freedom struggle and the many types of torture they have endured have not been properly evaluated even after 75 years. Words will fall short to describe the sacrifices of the women of the household and the torture they endured after the men escaped from prison while participating in the freedom struggle, as well as in constructive struggles. At the same time, when the women who came inside the Koshi embankment started telling their pain of flood, erosion, displacement, lack of basic facilities, the auditorium became inconsolable with their pain. Those women told that every year they lead an inhuman life in floods, erosion, childbirth or other insureds, they lose their lives due to lack of treatment at the right time, proper vaccination is not done till date, not a single sub-health center is located on the embankment. Children are illiterate due to lack of education, every year due to lack of rehabilitation we are forced to drown in floods. Even now the amount of damage to the house of the erosion victims has not been received, it seems that we are not citizens of the country, for what crime are we being punished for years?

Hundreds of women present, uniting among themselves, resolved to stay together in the struggle of the women of the embankment of Koshi, as well as reiterating the resolve not to differentiate between son and daughter, in education, medicine, food, and drink.
Dr. Leela Kumari, Principal of Mod Narayan College was the chief guest in the program, while Archana Singh, Manisha Khatoon, Dullo Devi, Sanju Devi, Rajkumari Devi jointly presided over it, and was conducted by Giani Kumari and Priyanka. Prominent in the program are advocates Amrita, Shalini Kumari, Annu Kumari, Samtolia Devi, Balisha Khatoon, Shemun Khatoon, Hira Devi, Trimun Devi, Sabina Khatoon, Reena Devi, Ritam Kumari, Rojo Kumari, Sanjo Devi, Geeta Devi, Triful Devi, Poonam Devi, Chedni Devi, etc. kept their points. At the same time, Rahul Yaduka entered the topic of discussion. Indra Narayan Singh, District President of Koshi Nav Nirman, Patron Bhuneshwari Prasad, Council President Sandeep Yadav, and Founder Mahendra Yadav also spoke. Arvind, Dharmendra, Santosh Mukhiya, Bhima Sada, Manish, Indrajit, Sandeep Mo Sadrul, Nisha Kumari, Gulesa, etc. were also present in the discussion.