Upendra Kushwaha leaves Grand Alliance to make a new alliance with BSP

On Tuesday, September 29, for the National Lok Samata Party (RLSP) president Upendra Kushwaha, announced his new alliance after leaving the former Grand Alliance. He has announced an alliance with Mayawati’s BSP and the Janwadi Socialist Party. Kushwaha has accused the Grand Alliance of going the wrong way. He described the NDA and the Grand Alliance as two sides of the same coin. It is said that if RJD will change its leadership, only then the public will trust them. Congress also wants the same. BSP’s Bihar in-charge Ramji Gautam, present at the press conference, has said that we will give a new option in Bihar, we will let the rule of law prevail in Bihar.

Speculations are being made about Kushwaha

It should be noted that Upendra Kushwaha had announced his separation from Mahagathbandhan in the past due to resentment over seat-sharing and other issues. Since then, there have been speculations about him joining the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), forming the Third Front with Jan Adhikar Party (JAP) President Pappu Yadav, or going forth to the polls alone. Meanwhile, Pappu Yadav has invited Kushwaha to form a third front. Sources reveal that Upendra Kushwaha’s last stage talks have also been held with Mayawati, reports Dainik Jagran.

To the speculations, he said that he will decide in the interest of party and public

According to sources, Upendra Kushwaha may join a new alliance. This could be the third front created by NDA or Pappu Yadav. Now on Tuesday, it will be clear whether he is going with Pappu Yadav or not. Upendra Kushwaha said that his party has authorized him to take any decision. In such a situation, while making their decision, they will keep in mind the interest of the party and 12 crore people of Bihar. Today’s decision will also determine his political existence for Kushwaha.

Earlier on returning from Delhi on Monday, Upendra Kushwaha said that he had not met BJP leader Bhupendra Yadav or Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. He also dismissed speculation of his talks with BJP and JDU. Said that he will make his talk public on Tuesday.

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