Gopalganj: Seized vehicles to be auctioned between October 25 and October 27

If one is thinking of buying expensive vehicles at an affordable price, here is the chance. The Excise Department has made special preparations in Gopalganj, Bihar. The department will auction the vehicles seized under the Bihar Excise Act, Prohibition of Alcohol. The auction of these vehicles will run from October 25 to October 27. The Excise Department has also issued a notice regarding this.

There is a liquor prohibition in Bihar and during this time many vehicles have been confiscated under the Liquor Act from which liquor was being smuggled. Now the department has made a plan for their auction. Excise Superintendent Rakesh Kumar said that 382 vehicles were seized in the district during the last few months. In which many luxury cars, motorcycles, buses, and trucks are included. A list of these vehicles has been prepared.
According to the product superintendent, the process of auction of these vehicles will start from October 25. This auction process will go on for three days. He further added that any person can take part in this auction. The seized vehicles are kept at the Balthri check post.