Election Commission releases new guidelines: no electoral pathways for criminals

The Election Commission has made the rules more stringent such that now it will not be easy for leaders with tainted image to reach the assembly. Efforts have been made that the public can select the candidates with the most impeccable image and select them to the House. The Election Commission has issued a new guideline with the intention of strictly outcasting people of criminal image. According to the new guidelines, the candidates will now have to make their cases public; reports Dainik Jagran.

Three times the public will have to be informed about the cases

Provision has been made in the Election Commission’s Guideline that candidates with tainted images will have to give details of their crime-related cases in the nomination papers and at least three times this information will be passed on to the voters by publishing advertisements in newspapers. The Election Commission will determine when to publish the advertisement. The next day after the advertisement is published in the newspaper, the concerned candidate will have to give a copy of the newspaper to the returning officer of the constituency in which it will be advertised.

The new system of the Election Commission will be completely transparent

State Deputy Election Officer Baiju Nath Kumar Singh said that in the past, candidates with a tainted image were required to give information about criminal cases in para five-six of Form 26. It has been arranged in the new guideline that the candidates against whom cases are registered, will have to get the first advertisement of ongoing or pending criminal cases in his newspaper circulated in the assembly constituency within four days of withdrawal of nomination after nomination. For the second time, the same advertisement will have to be published in the newspaper on the fifth to the eighth day after the withdrawal and the third day just before the voting. He said that the Commission believes that if voters are aware of the criminal cases of their candidates, they will vote wisely. Also, with this system in effect, winning candidates with a clean image will represent people. The new system will be completely transparent and voters will get all kinds of information about the candidate.

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