Demand raised for discussion in the Bihar Assembly on the issue of reviving the Koshi Victim Development Authority in Bihar Assembly

The minister assured action on the recovery of land revenue inside the Koshi embankment, even after waiver of rent up to 4 hectares.

Welcoming these efforts, Koshi Navnirman Manch appealed to the ministers and MLAs from the Koshi belt to together help the Koshi victims, rising above the party politics.

The questions concerning the people in the middle of the Koshi embankment have started to be raised in the ongoing budget session of the Bihar Legislative Assembly. Considering the issue of reviving the “Koshi Victim Development Authority” as a matter of public importance, a request has been made to the Speaker to discuss it. The issue of recovery of land revenue inside the embankments, even after the waiver of rent of 4 hectares from the land of all the farmers of the state, was also discussed in the house on March 3, 2022, on which the minister has given a written reply.

In his letter sent yesterday, Amarjeet Kushwaha, MLA of CPI(ML) from Jiradei Assembly Constituency, referred to the compulsion of people living within the embankments and their neglect, rehabilitation, floods, erosion every year. He further mentioned that the Koshi Victim Development Authority constituted in the year 1987 for their welfare is untraceable. Therefore, considering this issue as a matter of utmost public importance under the Vidhan Sabha’s Conduct of Business Rules 294 (d), the issue of revival needs to be discussed.

On the other hand, yet another MLA of CPI(ML), Satyadev Ram raised a starred question in the assembly on March 3. In his question numbered 1968, the MLA asked the Minister of Revenue and Land Reforms Department whether it was true that for all the farmers between the two embankments of Koshi, under the Exemption from Land Rent Act 1970, the rent is waived off the land up to 4 hectares, but it is recovered with the connivance of the officers and employees. If yes, will the government get it investigated and take action against the culprits? And if not, why?

In his written reply, the minister has said that such a matter has not come to his cognizance. If the matter comes, then action will be taken as per the rules. On this, the MLA has given supplementary questions, whose reply is yet to come, mentioning that Supaul DM on several occasions has been given such submissions of illegal collection of rent during the talks held with the representatives of Koshi Navnirman Manch, a people’s movement working in the region. Welcoming the question raised, the Koshi Navnirman Manch has appealed to all the MLAs and ministers of the Koshi region to rise from the partisan spirit and discuss in the interest of the people between the Koshi embankment and contribute in reactivating the Koshi Victim Development Authority.

After the Satyagraha in Supaul on basic questions including flood, erosion, rent, Koshi victim development authority, the solution of Koshi’s problem, saving the land to be surveyed, the health of the people in the middle of the embankment, education, and other basic questions, a conversation was organized at the AN Sinha Institute of Social Studies in Patna, on 27 February by Koshi Nav Nirman Manch in which leaders of various parties including the minister of Koshi region were also invited. The ministers did not come, but the leaders of other parties including the former disaster management minister and many senior officials, journalists, etc. had come.