Bihar: Very soon planes will take off from Purnea airport, DM informs as land obstacle removed

The construction work of Purnia Airport, which has been stuck in limbo for a long time, may soon get a green signal. Some similar indications have been received from Patna High Court regarding this. DM Rahul Kumar told in this regard that the matter of airport construction in Purnia has gone a step ahead. The district administration is making continuous efforts for the construction of Chunapur airport. Now the High Court has again transferred the case to the District Magistrate after hearing the case of the ryots on March 7 and 9.

The DM said that after the hearing, he would submit the report to the government and further action would be taken as per the instructions received from there. He said that for the construction of runway and civil enclave at Chunapur Military Airport, the requirement of 54 acres of land was expressed by the Civil Aviation Department.

The district administration has started the process of acquisition by identifying the land of Goasi village adjacent to the Chunapur airport. In this, more than one acre of land is government, but notices were given to 54 ryots for acquiring about 53 acres of land. On this, against the instructions of the District Magistrate, he went to the High Court, in which nine different cases were filed. In the nine cases that were filed in the HC, the court, while hearing two cases of Vijan Mehta and Shivpujan Mehta, again sent them to the District Collector’s court for hearing.

Meanwhile, due to Kovid, the hearing of the case in the court was stopped. On the two cases which the court sent back to the collector’s court, the District Magistrate completed the hearing and sent its report to the state government. After this the state government rejected the claim of the farmers and the district administration has acquired more than 17 acres of land. Now the High Court has also ordered the DM to complete the hearing on the remaining seven cases within 45 days. He said that the runway is being constructed there by the authority, but due to Kovid and lockdown, the speed slowed down a bit, but even during that time the district administration fully cooperated in the supply of construction material, due to which the construction of the runway is going on.

DM told that when the Chief Justice of Patna High Court had come to Purnia recently, he personally met him and apprised him about the disruption in the construction of the airport and requested him to resolve the matter. But unfortunately there was a lockdown and the work of the court came to a standstill. After hearing two cases of ryots, seven cases were pending, but now they have been directed to hear it.