A big gift for Bihar youth in 2022, More than 2.21 lakh upcoming appointments in these departments

New Year 2022 will be a happy one for the youth of Bihar. There will be appointments in more than 2.25 lakh posts in about six departments. Most of the posts of teachers will be filled, in which there are posts of teachers from primary school to university.

Education Department

– Sixth Phase: 45000 primary teachers (total 97000 posts)

– Sixth Phase: More than 32 thousand high and plus two teachers

– Seventh phase: More than one lakh primary and secondary teachers

-46,927 headmasters and headteachers

-More than 8000 physical education teachers

-4500 plus assistant professors

Police Department

– 9000 soldiers

– 2216 Inspector

Agriculture Department

– Preparation for appointment to 1500 posts

– 856 Block Agriculture Officer

– 354 Agriculture Coordinator

– Assistant in 141 Chemistry Wing

– 109 Field Assistant

– 14 Statistical Equilibrium

Revenue and Land Reforms Department

– 6500 posts will be appointed

– 4353 Revenue Employees

– 2000 Special Survey Amin

Forest and Environment Department

– 291 posts will be appointed

Tourism department

Eco tourism division will be established

For this, 224 posts will be employed.

Health Department

– 3270 AYUSH doctors

Note: The appointments of Bihar Public Service Commission and Inter-level posts are different from these.