Woman divorced for not wearing short dresses and consuming alcohol

A woman hailing from Patna has filed an FIR under triple talaq in Delhi. The woman says that she was divorced by her husband divorce for not wearing short clothes and drinking alcohol.

The woman’s family lives in Bahrain. On November 12, she filed a complaint against the husband in the Women’s Commission. After registering the complaint, the mother-in-law removed all her belongings from Khajurbanna in Patna City. She had lodged an FIR against this in the police station of Delhi. The woman says that after divorcing her husband, she is in a fit of a second marriage. Her counseling date was in the Women’s Commission on Monday, but the in-laws did not come.

The woman said that she used to work in Delhi. Four years ago, she got married to businessman Imran Mustafa in Delhi. A gift of Rs 13 lakh was also given in Nikah. After the marriage, the husband asked her to wear small clothes to walk to big parties. Not only this, but she was also pressurised to drink alcohol. If she refused, she faced domestic violence. On November 26, the husband drove out of the house after uttering three divorces (talaq, talaq, talaq). After the divorce and the failure of the marriage, she moved to her ancestral home in Patna.

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Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is a student at the Centre for Chinese and South-east Asian Studies, JNU, New Delhi. He also works with Hasratein- a Delhi based queer collective. The current area of his academic interest lies in the study of the Chinese language and society.