WHO alerts, next variant might be more infectious and deadlier than Omicron

The Omicron variant of Corona is not the last. Other variants of this are also expected to be seen in the coming days. Any of these variants can be more infectious and even fatal than before. Four forms of Omicron are spreading infection all over the world. These are being closely monitored. It is being seen how they are changing their form or trying to change further.

WHO technical expert Dr. Maria Wayne Kerkhove has given this warning. Interacting with the media through video conference, Maria said, ‘We have a lot of information about the virus, but we still do not know everything. As we have seen so far, every new variant brings with it some new features. The Delta variant that surfaced in India in October 2020 was the deadliest. It took millions of lives. Infected millions of people. created complications in his health. About a year later, Omicron, the fastest-spreading variant, was detected in South Africa. Due to this, the patient is not falling seriously ill, but there are more than 30 mutations in its spike protein. With this, it is also dodging the immunity received from the vaccine.’

Only the vaccine and its booster dose are enough for protection as of now

Doctor Maria is an expert in epidemiology. She said, ‘It is true that variants like Omicron are dodging immunity from the corona vaccine. But the other side of it is that Omicron has not been able to cause much harm because of the vaccine itself. Due to this people got infected, but fewer people came to be admitted to the hospital. The circumstances of death due to infection were created in fewer cases. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that only the vaccine and its booster dose can save us from future variants of the corona.

According to her, ‘Apart from this, it is also very important to take precautions to prevent corona infection. For example, wearing masks, washing hands from time to time, staying away from crowded places, keeping a two-yard distance from people during conversation, etc. If someone sees even mild symptoms, then do not be careless at all. Get tested immediately, take necessary medicines as per the doctor’s advice, distance yourself from other people. Better if you keep corona test-kit at home too.’