VIP President faces a tough battle in his home turf of Gaurabauram

The Gaurabauram Legislative Assembly came into existence in the 2010 Limitation.  Ever since its existence, new games are played here every time. JDU has won twice from the assembly. This is the third battle in the constituency.  The current MLA and Bihar government minister Madan Sahni who previously contested from Gaurabauram is now contesting from Bahadurpur. The NDA has fielded female candidate Swarna Singh on a VIP ticket from Gaurabauram.  For the first time, the woman has got a ticket here.  This time this seat is in VIP’s account.
The Grand Alliance has fielded Afzal Ali Khan from here.  BJP rebel Rajeev Thakur is contesting on an LJP ticket.  This seat is also important this time because it is home to VIP National President Mukesh Sahni.  Since this assembly is his home constituency, all the political groups are playing their part to win this seat. Moreover, rebels and independents are spoiling the game between big parties.  Overall, what turn takes place in the politics of the region, only time can tell.  But, this time Mukesh is being tested on his home ground.
Major issues
 1. Roads are half-complete: Amidst all the efforts for development, most of the roads in this constituency are still broken.  Broken roads and pits built in many places disturb people. 
 2. Farm irrigation: Farmers in this area are worried about the means of irrigation.  People here have to bear the brunt of the floods so much that they have to flee.  Employment and irrigation of fields is a major problem.  24 candidates in the fray
 This time the main contest here is between Swarna Singh of VIP and Afzal Ali Khan of RJD.  However, here LJP candidate Rajiv Kumar Thakur and former Independent MLA Dr. Izhar Ahmed are making triangles.  
There are overall 24 candidates in the fray.
 1. Swarna Singh (VIP)
 2. Afzal Ali Khan (RJD)
 3. Dr. Izhar Ahmed (Independent)
 4. Rajiv Kumar Thakur (LJP)
 5. Randhir Kumar (Independent)
 6. Khwaja Mo  Fakhruddin (Bhartiya Rashtriya Dal)
 7. Shubhakant Sada (Rashtriya Jan Kalyan Party)
 8. Kundan Prasad Sah (Aam Janmat Party) 
 9. Ranjit Sahni (Bahujan Mukti Party)
 10. Sanjay Kumar Yadav (Independent)
 11. Kamlesh Rai (The Plurals Party)
 12. Rajni Mahato (Independent)
 13. Gaurav Kumar Singh (Independent)
 14. Ramesh Kumar Pandit (Janata Dal-Secular)
 15. Md. Israfil (Independent)
 16. Tamanna Khan (NCP)
 17. Chandan Kumar Mishra (Independent)
 18. Vishwambhar Yadav (Jan Adhikar Party Loktrantik) 
 19. Rahul Kumar Jha (Independent)
 20. Baiju Sahu (Vajib Adhikar Party)
 21. Satya Narayan Paswan (Mazdoor Ekta Party)
 22. Ajay Yadav (Independent)
 23. Saroj Kumar Chaudhary (Mithilanchal Mukti Morcha)
 24. Shyam Sada (Independent)
 Legislators in previous assemblies:
 2010- Dr. Izhar Ahmed (JDU)
 2015- Madan Sahni (JDU)

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Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is a student at the Centre for Chinese and South-east Asian Studies, JNU, New Delhi. He also works with Hasratein- a Delhi based queer collective. The current area of his academic interest lies in the study of the Chinese language and society.