The coal crisis in India hit remote areas in Bihar, 7-9 hours of power cut

The power crisis that India is facing, has seen a rise in Bihar for the last few days. It is worth noting that today electricity could be provided to every village of Bihar. Or in the last few years, Bihar has made a big achievement in the power sector. Electricity is available for nothing less than 20 to 22 hours in remote villages. But for the last few days, due to the nationwide coal crisis, a big problem and crisis related to electricity have also seen a rise in Bihar. Particularly the rural areas. An average power cut for 7 to 9 hours has been reported.

Bihar is getting almost half the power from the central sector, which has increased the problem. According to the information, instead of 4500 MW to Bihar from NTPC, Bihar is getting only 3000 MW of electricity. Bihar is buying 1000 MW from the open market but it is proving incapable of meeting the requirement. According to the agreement with two private companies, Bihar is expected to get 688 MW of electricity, but at present, only 347 MW is available. According to the information received from NTPC sources, there will be no coal crisis in Bihar. There is sufficient coal availability for 10 days in Bihar. It is noteworthy that electricity is not produced in Bihar by power companies, but is bought from central power generating companies and given to consumers.

Electricity is being supplied in big cities of Bihar at present, but the problem of load shedding has become serious in remote rural areas. Munger is getting 60 MW, Banka 70 MW, Katihar 80 MW, Kishanganj 20 MW, Purnia 100 MW, Araria 100 MW and Muzaffarpur 70 MW in Seemanchal. Due to the low power supply, there is a power cut for 7 to 9 hours, on average