Now Ayushman card will be made online; these steps will have to be followed

To make the card of the Ayushman Bharat scheme, now you will not have to go to Vasudha Kendra and Panchayat office. Now the card will be made online sitting at home. For this, the government has launched the portal. Now cards can be made from this portal. At present, it takes about one to one and a half months to get the card made from Vasudha Kendra or Panchayat office, but it will be done in a week to ten days on the online portal.

Ayushman Bharat Coordinator Vidya Sagar told that the beneficiaries will have to visit to make the card. By going here, if the already applied card has been made, then it can also be downloaded. With this, you will also be able to get a new card made. The government has made the card online for the convenience of the people, especially the elderly.

Vidya Sagar told that through this portal people can also see the names of those whose Ayushman cards have been made. Ayushman cards will be made of those people who have the letter of the Prime Minister or the name in the ration card.

Muzaffarpur ranked 22nd in making Ayushman card

Muzaffarpur is in 22nd place in making Ayushman card. Araria is in the first place. In Muzaffarpur, the target is to make Ayushman cards for 24 lakh 91 thousand 879 people, but till now only three lakh 21 thousand 337 people have got Ayushman cards. This figure is only 13 percent. There is a target to make Ayushman cards of five crore 55 lakh 62 thousand 406 people in the whole of Bihar, out of which only 71 lakh 23 thousand 553 people have got cards.

The card is also being made by going door to door

The coordinator said that the Ayushman card is also being made by visiting people from door to door. An agency in Delhi has been given the task. Our goal is to make Ayushman cards for poor families. He told that many people are unable to reach Vasudha Kendra or Panchayat office due to lack of information. Therefore, the campaign to make door to door card has been started. This campaign is going on in the district since November. A card has also been made under this for people coming from outside. The coordinator told that from this time the treatment of corona and AES has also been started on the card.

Plan to start connecting all private labs

The plan to add private labs under Ayushman Bharat is also about to start. Under this, all private hospitals and private labs are to be connected on the digital platform. The roadmap for this is still being prepared. At present 37 hospitals in the district have got license to treat under Ayushman Bharat.