Need for a law against love jihad in Bihar: Giriraj Singh

On Friday, Union Minister Giriraj Singh supported the implementation of law against Love Jihad in Bihar and claimed that the subject has become a cause of trouble in different states of the country.

Giriraj Singh requested the Nitish Kumar government to understand that issues like love jihad and population control have nothing to do with communalism, but rather are a matter of social harmony. He added that Love Jihad should be seen as a problem not only among Hindus but also among all non-Muslims in all the states of the country. People from states like Kerala where there is a large population of Christians, community members have expressed concern over this development.

The Union Minister, who represented the Begusarai Lok Sabha seat in the Bihar Lok Sabha, apparently pointed to the worships of the Syro-Malabar Church, remarking that Christian girls were being targeted and killed in the name of Love Jihad. Giriraj Singh said that this problem has to be eradicated and it would be good if a law is brought to stop the love jihad in Bihar, to save the state from the obvious consequences. He further added that the state government should understand that preventing love jihad and population control is related to social harmony and not to communalism.

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Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is a student at the Centre for Chinese and South-east Asian Studies, JNU, New Delhi. He also works with Hasratein- a Delhi based queer collective. The current area of his academic interest lies in the study of the Chinese language and society.