JP Senani Samman Yojana: An honorarium glorifying Bihar’s rebellious spirit

A revolution that took place some 45 years ago, rising from Bihar and spreading across the country, is still alive in the hearts of people. The movement that arose under the leadership of Loknayak Jai Prakash Narayan overthrew autocracy from power. At that time the people who went after Jai Prakash i.e. JP, as his followers are called JP fighters today.
In honor of these JP fighters, JP Senani Samman Yojana was started. Bihar is the first state in the country that started honorary Pension for JP Fighters in 2009-10.

The JP Senani Samman Yojana has been specially started for the people who had contributed to the success of the JP movement. Bihar was in a way the center of the historic JP movement of 1974, during which a lot of people were put in jail.
This process of filling the jail lasted for about a year and a half, in which one had to spend time in jail ranging anywhere between a month and a year.

After the introduction of the scheme in 2009-10, its amount has already changed. Till now, fighters who spent 1 to 6 months in jail were given a pension of five thousand rupees and those who spent more than 6 months or a year in jail were given 10 thousand rupees as pension. Recently, the Nitish Kumar government in Bihar has announced to increase the pension of JP fighters. CM made this announcement on the occasion of JP’s birth anniversary.
Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has announced an increase in the pension amount of a total of 2681 deserving people of both the categories of the JP Senani Samman Pension Scheme. According to the new announcement, now those who get five thousand rupees monthly will get 7.5 thousand rupees and those who get 10 thousand rupees will get 15 thousand rupees monthly.
The youth of Bihar played the biggest role in the JP movement. In order to give prestige to their contribution, the NDA government had spent Rs 1.31 crore in the pension head in the first year, while 23.90 crores were spent in 2020-21. The government has increased the honor pension amount for the second time after six years. So far, a total of Rs 193.77 crore has been spent on this scheme.

In a way, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has increased the honorarium of JP fighters by one and a half times. After the death of the husband, the wife will also get the benefits of JP Senani Samman Yojana. He made this announcement on the occasion of the launch of the book ‘The Dream of Revolution’, a book based on the life of Jayaprakash Narayan.