Five minors saved from human trafficking by SSB along Nepal border

Human trafficking has been a fast-forward trend alongside the India-Nepal border areas. The racket of taking minor children from the border areas of Nepal across the border for child labor and transporting them to different places in the Indian territories still continues to be a major issue. Regarding this, the SSB men posted on the border have succeeded in freeing five minor children of Nepal from the clutches of human traffickers. In Ghormohama, adjacent to the border in the Lamaniya area, the Naka team of SSB BOP freed five minor boys aged 13 to 17 years from human traffickers.

The five boys were being taken to Haryana for child labor. The arrested human trafficker has been identified as Ramdayal Yadav of Jagatpur in the Sirha district of Nepal. The minor children rescued from his clutches have been identified as 14-year-old Arjun Kumar, 17-year-old Amit Kumar, 17-year-old Chandra Saday, 15-year-old Anand Kumar, and 13-year-old Krishna Kumar, from different villages bordering the Nepalese region. On being informed by SSB, the Block Coordinator of NGO Pratham, Nikesh Kumar and Abha Kumari Dhanushi of Child Helpline reached SSB BOP. In fact, a total of 10 boys were caught by the SSB along with human traffickers. Of these, five were above 18 years of age. As a result, he was released without action. The remaining five minors and human traffickers were handed over to Lamania OP with the help of NGO Pratham and Child Help Line. According to the police, all the child laborers who were rescued were handed over to their parents who came from the Nepalese area.