Emergency landing of aircraft going from Mumbai to Darbhanga; Passengers sent by bus

The weather in Bihar has changed rapidly in the last 24 hours. The maximum temperature has dropped sharply due to increasing cloud cover and haze, while the minimum temperature has risen partially. Meanwhile, an emergency landing of the Spice Jet aircraft from Mumbai to Darbhanga was made at Patna Airport on Thursday due to poor visibility. The aircraft passengers were sent from Patna to Darbhanga bus.  

In most parts of Bihar, the sun came out late on Thursday, as compared to every day, as well as due to the clouds, it remained unaffected. Most people chose to spend time in blankets instead of sunbathing.  

Meteorologists at the meteorological center Patna said that cyclonic conditions have formed over eastern Uttar Pradesh and adjoining Bihar. Due to this, many districts were cloudy on Thursday. This brought down the maximum temperature while the minimum mercury rose. At the same time, the effect of two-way wind is being seen in the state. Winds are entering the state carrying moisture from the east, while the icy wind is also coming from the northwestern part. On Thursday, fog conditions also persisted throughout the day. Visibility levels around rivers have gone down considerably. Patna also had visibility of 800 meters around 7 am. 

Bihar recorded the coldest temperature in 14 major cities in Gaya’s temperature was the lowest. The minimum temperature here was 9.01 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature was one degree below normal. Patna’s maximum mercury came down to two and a half degrees. The maximum temperature was recorded at 24.6 ° C while the minimum was 11 ° C. Bhagalpur had a maximum of 26 while the minimum was 14.1 degrees Celsius. Purnia’s maximum temperature was 27 while the minimum was 14.5 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature will decrease rapidly after 24 hours of clearing weather.

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