DRIVER SAHAB: On-demand driver app to be launched in Patna on March 17

You have a car, but unable or unwilling to drive it, DRIVER SAHAB is the solution for you. DRIVER SAHAB, an app-based service, is going to be launched in Patna on March 17, 2021. The application focuses majorly on providing skilled, professional, tech-savvy, and experienced drivers at your doorstep, within a few clicks.

DRIVER SAHAB, makes drivers available to its users on-demand at affordable rates. DRIVER SAHAB instantly provides chauffeurs for private cars.
“An on-demand chauffeur service has become a basic necessity for people due to increasing car ownership and traffic in Patna. we aim to provide trustworthy drivers for our users within few clicks,” says Khobaib Majeed, Co-Founder, and Director at DRIVER SAHAB.

“Our aim is to provide easy and fast access to experienced, safe, and verified drivers,” says Jahangir, Co-Founder and Director at DRIVER SAHAB.
To get easy and instant access to safe drivers at cheaper rates, all one has to do is download DRIVER SAHAB. The app is targeting everyone who owns a private car but is unable or unwilling to drive on congested city roads, from senior citizens to professionals who are tired after a hectic day at work.

Agents who have drivers on their platform charge a minimum of 250 to 400 on average for a stipulated number of hours and additional charges by the hour after the time exceeds. In comparison, DRIVER SAHAB charges 150 to 170 for an hour.

“Hiring chauffeurs on demand for shorter durations has become a convenient and profitable option, considering the rising salaries for full-time drivers, who charge nearly 15,000 per month, even when their services are not utilized through the day,” said Saqib, Co-Founder at DRIVER SAHAB

The application is available on Google Play Store.