Contact centers in Bihar to make students and workers ‘Aatmnirbhar’

To make students and laborers “Aatmnirbhar” or self-reliant and motivate them for self-employment in Bihar, the Labor Resource Department will open contact centers in all districts. Necessary advice will be given to the needy at this center. Eight districts of the state have been included in the first phase. Labor Resources Minister Jeevesh Kumar has given necessary instructions to the officers to open contact centers.

Regarding the Center, the Labor Minister said that all kinds of information will be given in a consolidated manner in the contact center. The proposed center will work for employment selection according to their aspiration and ability after qualifying for employment (workers and students). Information related to employment will be made available to the workers and students through trained consultants at the center. Information will also be given regarding employment opportunities through the center.

In the first phase, contact centers will be established in Gaya, Darbhanga, Dalmiyanagar (Rohtas), Buxar, Nalanda, Munger, Supaul, and Purnia. By searching for such candidates, it will be a priority to connect them with potential employers, which can be prepared for any employment according to merit and qualification. If a candidate is ready to pursue further studies, then he will be motivated to by giving information about subjects related to technical education and employable skills, while telling him about his future prospects. The minister said that there will also be a system to provide information online at the contact center with all modern facilities.

Computer, telephone, webcam, printer, scanner, photocopier, projector, smart screen, Wi-Fi, printed and online material, employment news (Hindi / English), competition magazines, university News, UGC related papers, NCERT related material, India Year Book (NBT) Manorama Year Book, Pamphlet / Brosier, and other study material related to employment and employment profile will also be available. It will be administered through the District Employment Advisor.

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Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is a student at the Centre for Chinese and South-east Asian Studies, JNU, New Delhi. He also works with Hasratein- a Delhi based queer collective. The current area of his academic interest lies in the study of the Chinese language and society.