Buses to run on 210 routes between Bihar and Jharkhand

Issues of traveling and traffic between Bihar and Jharkhand are going to get easy. Preparations are being made to run buses on 210 routes between the two states. Although buses run from many cities of Bihar to many cities of Jharkhand, by running buses on 210 routes, it will be very convenient for the passengers to go from one state to another. As per the officials, a meeting will be held in this regard on November 19 in the office of the Transport Commissioner. It is expected to get the final seal in this meeting on giving permits to buses.

Bihar government is preparing to start bus service from all the cities of the state to Jharkhand and other states. Apart from Jharkhand, bus service will be started in Uttar Pradesh and other states as well, but it will begin from Jharkhand. According to departmental officials, a meeting will be held on November 19 in the office of the State Transport Commissioner. There is a possibility of getting the final stamp on the permit of buses. After this, the operation of buses will be started. It is expected that from December, the facility of going to Jharkhand from all the cities of Bihar will be available.
There is a permit quota of 500 buses between Patna and Ranchi, of which 465 are vacant. Similarly, 157 out of 200 are vacant between Patna to Tata, 157 out of 200 between Hazaribagh, and 121 out of 125 for Deoghar. In view of this, the Transport Department is going to expedite the grant of permits to the buses, so that buses can be started on the major routes of both the states.