Bihar Elections: Voters at these booths boycotted voting in the first phase

During the first phase of Bihar assembly elections, voting was held at three booths in five assembly constituencies of Patna district. Voters here boycotted the vote to protest against the non-construction of roads. BDO, CO, including the polling party, besieged at Baheria Nirkhpur booth number 236 of Paliganj. Voters of one booth each in Dhanrua, Masaudhi, and Paliganj did not agree even after the administration explained. They were not ready to press even the NOTA button.

Furious villagers demonstrated in Bahria Nirkhpur of Paliganj, held a vote boycott and created ruckus at Bahria Nirkhpur booth number 236, and held the BDO and CO as hostage. The voters of Bahria Nirakpur boycotted the vote with the slogan ‘No road no vote’.
There was silence at booth number 236 till 12 noon of the day. The officials, who came to explain the news of the boycott, had to face the anger of the villagers. On the persuasion of the Polling Party and Assistant Electoral Officer, a female voter cast the vote. Noticing this, the villagers became furious and, in a ruckus, held the polling party and the BDO and CO hostage at the polling booth. On receiving the information, the SDO and SDPO who arrived with the force persuaded the villagers to calm down and finally freed the polling party and block officials who were held, hostage. When asked about this, the Sub-Divisional Election Officer cum SDO said that the villagers have boycotted the vote for the road. Their demands have been conveyed to the district officials.

Voters were not ready to even press NOTA in the Noora village of Masaudhi block
737 rural voters of Thalpura village of Noora Panchayat of Masaudhi Block boycotted the vote for non-fulfillment of demand for road and bridge. Apart from RJD candidate Rekha Devi, efforts were made at other administrative levels including Sector Magistrate to exercise the franchise. Even if the candidate was not liked, instead of boycotting, it was advised to express anger by pressing the NOTA button. But none of the voters were ready to vote. As a result, security personnel and polling personnel posted at booth No. 110 continued to wait for voters. The angry voters of Thalpura village Mo Sarfaraz, Shyamandan, and others said that even after seven decades of independence, the backward overpriced the road was not built in the minority-dominated village. The absence of a bridge in the south Morhar river adjacent to the village makes it difficult to get out of the house for four months of the rainy season. Many people have lost their lives by drowning in the river. Getting pregnant women and old people to the hospital remains a problem. But to date, the public representative only took votes by promising. But no one later kept their promises. Angry voters have pledged that they will not vote until the demand for road and bridge in the village is met.

Silence on the booth in Laraha village of Dhanrua
The villagers of Booth-214 in Laraha village of Dhanrua block of Masaudhi assembly constituency protested their vote with no road and no vote. As the polling began at seven o’clock on Wednesday morning, the villagers boycotted the vote with the slogan ‘No Road No Vote’. Dozens of villagers including villagers Shashi Sharma, Naval Sharma, Mantu Kumar, Niranjan Paswan, Mohammad Aslam, Dinanath Paswan, Anant Kumar said that even after 70 years of independence, there is no way to reach Laraha village of Dhanrua to date. The villagers said that about a month before today, the banner of no road and no vote was put up near the main road in the village. After that, neither the local public representative nor any representative of the administration had taken any notice of it. Here on Wednesday, as soon as the local administration was informed about the vote boycott by the villagers, in a hurry, many top officials including Dhanrua video Ajay Kumar CO Rishi Kumar along with the team force tried to convince the villagers to reach the spot, but the villagers started shouting slogans on seeing the rural officials. The villagers were not ready to listen to any of his words.

The Lodipur- Chandmari road, if not the vote, the villagers struggling to open the Lodipur-Chandmari road have now declared no road and no vote. The villagers launched an awareness campaign on Wednesday. Told that the Army has forcibly closed the Lodipur Chandmari Road from the old survey road barrack number one for 5-6 months. The villagers staged a sit-in protest to open the way and pleaded with the senior officers, military officers, and defense ministers. Despite this, the plea of ​​us was ignored. In view of this, the villagers decided not to vote and in this context, banners have been put in place. Among the villagers, Malati Devi, Pappu Yadav, Lakhan Lal, Sonu Kumar, Usha Devi, Gyanati Devi, etc. launched a public awareness campaign, reports LiveHindustan.

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