Bihar Election: CM rules on the British policy of divide and rule, says Chirag Paswan

Chirag Paswan, who claimed to have the Prime Minister at heart, fiercely attacked the Chief Minister at the election meeting in Bhagalpur. Asked people in the style of PM itself, asked, “Say, CM should change or not change.” On Friday, Chirag Paswan spoke for about 25 minutes in an election meeting organized in support of LJP candidate Rajesh Verma from Bhagalpur constituency at Sandis ground. Out of this, for 20 minutes he was criticizing the policies and functioning of the Chief Minister. He also said that Nitish Kumar is the CM only till coming 10th of November.

Comparing the Chief Minister with the British, Chirag said that his policy is to divide and rule. He uses people as a vote by dividing them into castes and subcastes, backward and backward castes, Dalits, and Mahadalits. There is only one caste in Bihar. That is the caste of the poor. The need is for the upliftment of the poor. They need to provide a good education and employment. Give the people of LJP a chance to form a government to develop the state under “Bihar First and Bihari First.” For this, vote for the LJP candidate, reports LiveHindustan.

The LJP supremo said that there has been a lot of corruption in the seven decision scheme. If the LJP government is formed, the plans will be well investigated. The culprits will be appropriately punished. People of Bihar are migrating for education and employment. There is a need to make Bihar worth that people from other states come here for education and employment. Employment can be promoted by developing tourist places here. Students in Kota are also Bihari and teachers are also Bihari, but the system is Rajasthani. A city like Bhagalpur should be built like Kota. The teachers here will teach the students here under the system. The silk of Bhagalpur should get international recognition, not just national. It is not the policy of the Chief Minister to promote the silk industry. Finally, remembering his father he said, “he is no longer in this world, I have come out in the jungle alone like a lion, and I need your support.”

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