Bihar Election: Chirag should apologize for his statement over CM

In the midst of campaigning for the leaders of Bihar Assembly elections, the accusations against each other, the counter-attack has intensified. At the same time, the sharp attacks on Nitish Kumar, former NDA partner and now CM in Bihar, have intensified. Now BJP MP and a Bhojpuri Actor Ravikishan has emphasized that Chirag should apologize for speaking of sending Nitish Kumar to jail when Chirag Paswan came to power.

Ravi Kishan said that a stain in the 15-year rule is not a stigma on Nitish Kumar. The leader who motivated the youth, stopped alcohol, and brought about so much development in Bihar, should go to jail? Why? Such an allegation on CM is wrong, Chirag Paswan should apologize.

Let this be noted that LJP President Chirag Paswan raised many questions in favor of his candidates at the public meeting the Nitish government held in Dumraon, Buxar on Sunday. It should be changed or not. After this Chirag said, ‘What should be done by those who have committed corruption in the seven faiths? Should be sent to jail.’ Today Chirag Paswan goes as far as promising you that the scandal that has taken place in the Seven Chishras, is as much as corruption. Whether it was done by an officer or by the Chief Minister himself. Everyone will be investigated and sent to jail as soon as the LJP is chosen to form the government. During this time Chirag said that we have also mentioned this in our manifesto, reports LiveHindustan.

The LJP president has been attacking CM Nitish with the fragrance of the assembly elections. In particular, he has sharply questioned Nitish’s ambitious plan, seven-point plan. Nitish has been criticized of the government in dealing with the Corona crisis and floods. Chirag also surrounded Nitish Kumar on the advertisement of Modi’s image in various newspapers last day. He tweeted that – “Respected Nitish Kumar Ji does not see the need for certificates. @ BJP4India colleagues should be thankful to @NitishKumar Ji for giving full-page advertisement and certificate and the way BJP Nitish ji should also be honest to the alliance.”

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