Bihar Election 2020: Nadda attacks RJD, didn’t do anything in the first chance

BJP president JP Nadda on Friday accused the Lalu Prasad-led RJD of taking Bihar back, saying that the people of RJD did nothing when they got the chance earlier and would not do anything further. Addressing the election rally in Begusarai, the BJP president targeted the Lalu family and said that nowadays, Tejashwi Yadav is promising many works in the future, but we have to see that someone who has done something before, only they can do something further. 

“Let’s talk”, Nadda said, “I want to know from Tejashwi Yadav that both his parents have been the chief ministers here …, why to remove his face from his poster today?” If he is removed, then why is he not apologizing to the people of Bihar?

Accusing the RJD of not developing Bihar, he said in the vernacular, “They have done things that make them embarrassed.” Nadda said that nothing would have happened without a strike in Begusarai 15 years ago, whereas today a medical college is being built here. He said, “I assure you that this medical college will be world class.” With this, an engineering college is also being built here. 

Significantly, in many areas of Begusarai, the Left parties have been influential. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Giriraj Singh of BJP defeated Kanhaiya Kumar of CPI in this constituency. Appealing to the mandate to the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), the BJP president asked the people, “You tell me, the lantern has to light the LED bulb? Want to keep loot raj or direct cash transfer or DBT directly into government schemes money? Need muscle or development force?”

He said, “If you have to develop Bihar, the NDA has to win.” Nadda said that earlier elections were held on the basis of caste and religion, but since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, the politics, tricks and character of India has changed. He said that now whichever leader comes, has to publically show their report card.

Taking indirect attacks on LJP leader Chirag Paswan, Nadda said that some people want to create misunderstandings during the elections. He said, on one hand, he name-calls Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and on the other side, he praises Narendra Modi. We have to be careful of such people also.

He said that the NDA is united and BJP, JDU, VIP, and HAM, altogether this is NDA. Significantly, even after separating from the NDA in Bihar elections, Chirag is taking a soft attitude towards BJP, but he is not leaving any chance to target Nitish Kumar. Recently Chirag described himself as ‘Hanuman’ of Prime Minister Modi. 

Referring to the actions of the central government to deal with the coronavirus infection, the BJP president said that with the increase in the number of laboratories tested for Covid-19, the test capacity has now increased to 1.5 million per day. He said, “80 crores poor are being given five kilograms of wheat or rice and one kilo of pulses free from March to Chhath and Diwali by giving around Rs 1.70 lakh crore under the Prime Minister’s Poor Welfare Package. Nadda said that under the Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme, 8.56 crore farmers have been given Rs 2 thousand each, reports LiveHindustan.

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