Anesthesia machine defunct at Bihar’s second-largest hospital for six months, no operations performed

Things are haywire and absolutely mismanaged in Bihar’s second-largest hospital. The health department has not taken any initiative to repair the machine that has been damaged for the last 6 months. The date for the operations and surgeries at the Nalanda Medical College, Patna (NMCH, Patna) is being delayed again and again and the patients are moving to other hospitals for their treatment. Even if there are hundreds of operations pending, there is no way these surgeries can be performed. The machine that helps with anesthesia has been lying defunct for the last 6 months.
All the patients who come here, get admitted, but after 3 to 4 days they are replied in negation saying the operation is not possible because it is difficult to sedate. Every day at least 7 to 8 patients are being given a new date for the operation. According to the doctors, more than 100 operations have been postponed so far due to the anesthesia machine, due to which most of the patients are moving to PMCH and private hospitals. This has resulted in an increased load on other government hospitals. On the other hand, the number of patients in ENT ie nose, ear, throat department is also not less, but in the ENT Department as well, some 3 machines are defunct.
As per the reports, there are yet some patients who are sent for surgery from OPD but they are being given new dates every day. According to junior doctors, for the last three months, the machine has been damaged due to which no operation has been performed all this time. Junior doctors say that every day at least 7 patients are being referred to another hospital after giving dates for the operation. According to the superintendent, minor operations are being done and efforts are on to get the machine repaired, but till now the official order has not been issued by the department.