Bank strike for two days from tomorrow, ATM may also have the problem of No Cash

Do not be surprised if you reach the ATM and find “No Cash” written there. Because bank employees will be on strike on 28th and 29th March which is surely going to affect the work.

In fact, the privatization of banks is being opposed, and in this episode, the bank unions have announced a two-day strike on March 28 and 29. In such a situation, if you reach the bank on Monday and Tuesday for some work, then you may be disappointed. Because due to the strike in the banks, the work will be closed.

Work will be affected

The country’s largest State Bank of India (SBI) itself has said that the strike will have an effect on the work. It is being said that employees of all banks will be involved in this strike, which will also result in ATM services being disrupted.

However, SBI has issued a statement saying that our best efforts will be made that the customers do not face any kind of problems during this period. This strike is being done in protest against the privatization of banks.

Service affected in the bank for 4 consecutive days 

It is to be known that due to the fourth Saturday on 26 March and Sunday on 27 March, there is a holiday in the banks. In this way, banks will remain closed for 4 consecutive days. Due to this it is natural to interrupt the work. However, net banking and ATM services will be available during this period. But it is feared that due to the continuous closure of the bank, there may be a shortage of cash in ATMs as well.

Significantly, the central government has announced the privatization of two banks including IDBI Bank. Bank unions have been opposing privatization since the government had announced this in the last budget itself. The unions are demanding that the government withdraw the proposals of privatization of banks. Apart from this, there are many other demands.