News For You Impact: Saroj Hospital in Patna apologises for not treating muslim patient

Recently, a video went viral on social media of  Saroj Hospital in Kankarbagh in Patna recently. In this video, the hospital official refused to admit a Muslim woman, then his relative made a video and released it on social media.

When the video was viewed by social activist and senior Congress leader Azmi Bari, he investigated the matter thoroughly and asked his lawyer Tabish Naki to take legal action against the hospital.

In a legal notice issued to Saroj Hospital directors Sunil Kumar and Lakshmi Jha, lawyer Tabish Naki said that not treating a person because of his religion or race is a violation of international human rights. He also said that such conduct with particular community is an attempt to increase communal disharmony and action can be taken against you under section 153A and 295A of IPC. So if you do not send an apology within 24 hours of receiving the notice, then our client Azmi Bari will be forced to take legal action against you.

After receiving this notice, Saroj Hospital (Saroj Hospital, kankarbagh, Patna) issued an unconditional apology saying that we regret the incident on that day. We believe that society can only be sustained on the strength of religious unity. Our faith and our behavior is also the same, but if anyone has any problem on the incident of that day, then we apologize for it.