Bihar: BJP MLA Sanjeev Chaurasia receives Corona vaccine

To clear up the confusion that has been spreading since the opposition’s statement on the Corona vaccine, Digha MLA from Patna, Dr. Sanjeev Chaurasia, has set an example by taking the Corona vaccine himself, states the State Health Minister, Mangal Pandey. He said that Dr. Sanjeev Chaurasia, BJP MLA from Digha, Patna, has tried to give the message that vaccination is very important to avoid corona by himself Corona vaccine in Patna AIIMS today. Along with this, he has also tried to awaken the people that the vaccine made in the country is very effective.

Bihar Health Minister, Mangal Pandey, described Digha MLA Dr. Sanjeev Chaurasia taking Corona vaccine as a concrete step to awaken the society. The Health Minister said that Sanjeev Chaurasia is the first MLA who not only won the battle of Corona but has also given a new message to the common people by taking the Corona vaccine. Mangal Pandey also said that Sanjeev Chaurasia has given a befitting reply to the leaders of the opposition parties who have been unrestrained by the Corona vaccine.

Digha MLA takes the first dose of vaccine
Dr. CM Singh, the superintendent of the institute who gave the vaccination to the BJP MLA at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna, said that Sanjeev Chaurasia has been given the first dose of vaccine phase 3. Digha MLA Sanjeev Chaurasia, after taking the Corona vaccine, thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the indigenous vaccine created by Bharat Biotech to eradicate Corona. Dr. Sanjeev Chaurasia also said that I am feeling proud while taking the pure indigenous vaccine, so now the opposition should also take off the tin glasses from their eyes, reports Navbharat Times.

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