High levels of Uranium found in 6 districts of Bihar including Patna

People in Bihar are drinking poison, not water as per a research report. The researchers from Mahaveer Cancer Institute, the University of Manchester along with some UK research institutes and research institutes of India have done research on the groundwater in Bihar. For the first time, uranium has been found in water in large quantities in 6 cities including Bihar’s capital Patna. Uranium has been said to have extremely dangerous effects on human health and well-being.

Normally, 1 liter of water should contain 30 micrograms or less of uranium. But 50 micrograms of uranium per liter of water has been found in many cities of Bihar. Liver and kidney problems are the two major concerns because of the high amount of uranium in water. The risk of cancer also increases significantly. This research has been done jointly by researchers from Mahavir Cancer Institute, University of Manchester, British Geological Society, University of Birmingham, IIT Kharagpur, and National Institute of Hydrology, Uttarakhand.
The research of Mahavir Cancer Institute and the University of Manchester was going on for almost a year now. Dr. Ashok Kumar Ghosh, chairman of Bihar State Pollution Control Board, a scientist doing research at Mahaveer Cancer Institute, said that till now arsenic was found in the waters of Bihar, but for the first time uranium has been found in many areas of the state. In Bihar, uranium has been found in Patna, Nalanda, Nawada, Saran, Siwan and Gopalganj.
According to reports, till now uranium was found in Jadugoda in Jharkhand, a neighboring state of Bihar, but for the first time, its proportion has been found in high quantity in parts of Bihar. Scientists have not been able to find out where the uranium is coming from and there are no leads on that as of now. At the same time, efforts are being made by scientists, so that its source will be discovered soon.
Arsenic is found in the coastal districts of the Ganges. It includes many districts from Buxar to Bhagalpur. The areas where uranium content has been found are entirely different from the areas with arsenic content, especially Nalanda and Nawada. Arsenic was never found in these districts. This district is not even on the banks of the Ganges river. However, scientists are also quite surprised because the amount of uranium in these districts exceeds the prescribed standard. The President of Cancer Department of Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH), Dr. PN Pandit said that if uranium is found in excess quantity in water, its fatal consequences can be seen not only on mankind but also on the environment. Uranium is a radioactive element.