Scheme worth Rs 98 crore for water supply still a far end game in Muzaffarpur

In order to quench the thirst of its residents in Muzaffarpur, in a decade and a half, the government has provided more than two billion rupees from various plan items. Even after this, the water issue of the residents has not been ‘quenched’ yet. Water is yet to reach half the population. The condition of the city’s water supply schemes is such that the Rs 98 crore scheme that was received in the year 2010-11 disappeared midway with no results in sight. Pipelines worth crores of rupees got buried in the ground and the half-finished structure of the Jalminar itself speaks the story of the plan. Thus, the water supply of 98 crores could not be fulfilled and crores of rupees were wasted.

In the financial year 2020-21, under the Har Ghar Nal Ka Jal Yojana, the Bihar government had allocated a plan of Rs 42 crores to the corporation for mini pump and pipeline expansion in all the wards of the city. Of these, 94 mini-pumps have to be installed and a new pipeline has to be laid. Yet the work has not yet been done in many wards. Even in the wards where the work was initiated, it couldn’t be completed and was left midway. Some work orders have just been issued. Despite these schemes, half the population of the city has been deprived of the water supply facility of the corporation for years. The residents are disappointed as the plan has not taken off as such. Questions are being raised on the functioning of BUDCO and the corporation. There is also uneasiness among the ward councilors. Corporation elections are to be held next year. In such a situation, they have to answer as the plan has remained as it were even after all this time.

The corporation has not been able to supply water to half the houses of the city. Especially those areas which were later attached to the plan. There is no corporation pipeline. According to the population data, 1 crore 57 lakh 50 thousand gallons of water is needed per day for the residents of the city, but only 78 lakh gallons of water is being supplied. It is clear from this that the city dwellers get 79.5 gallons less water and due to which more than half of the population have been denied access to drinking water for all this while. They have to rely on other options. If 100 percent work is done on the 42 crore water supply scheme, even then a quarter of the city will come under areas with no water supply.