Preparations to develop the villages of Bihar, 1.10 lakh sanitation workers will be deployed in every ward

Under the program of good governance, the government has taken a pledge of a clean village-prosperous village under the Seven Nishchay-2 program of self-reliant Bihar. To accomplish this, there is a plan to use the amount of 15th Finance Commission in Lohia Swachh Bihar Abhiyan Phase-II. So far, pucca lanes and drains have been constructed in almost all the wards. However, the process of connecting some of the abandoned habitations with pucca lanes and drains is still going on.

Now the Panchayati Raj Department has started work on the deployment of sanitation workers to ensure cleanliness in all 1.10 lakh wards with the amount of grant from Swachh Bharat Mission and 15th Finance Commission under Solid and Liquid Waste Management. With this, the streets of villages will also be kept clean like urban bodies.

In fact, under the guidance of Panchayati Raj Department, the implementation of Har Pakki Gali Naali Pakki Karan Yojana and Rural Drinking Water Nishchay Yojana has been done through Ward Implementation and Management Committee in the village panchayats. The deployment of sanitation workers is also likely to be done through the same committee.

To ensure cleanliness in every ward of the villages, 1.10 lakh sanitation workers will be deployed. After the implementation of Har Gali Pucca Karan Yojana in the villages, now the government started work on the plan to deploy personnel to clean those streets. Is done. An action plan has been prepared for the operation of this scheme under the Lohia Swachh Bihar Abhiyan being run in the villages under Panchayati Raj Department and Rural Development Department. A proposal is being made to give guidelines to all the districts to keep one sanitation worker in each ward.