Nitish Kumar announced to conduct caste census in Bihar; said – will call an all-party meeting

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has said, “we are in favor of the caste census. Everyone will benefit from this. This is a very good thing. We will get it done properly so that no one is left out. An all-party meeting will be held soon in Bihar regarding caste census.”

Talking to reporters after the Chief Minister’s program in the public court on Monday, the CM said, “we are trying to do an all party meeting. The Deputy Chief Minister has also been asked to talk to the people of his party. Talks have been held with everyone else. When they will talk and tell about it, then after that all-party meeting will be held. In principle, we are already saying about caste census again and again. We want to hold an all-party meeting because the understanding of everyone should be very clear about it. Everyone should have an opinion on how we will conduct the census. How to do it, through which medium, we are getting all the preparations done. When everyone’s opinion is formed on this, then everything will be finalized in the meeting. There will be an opinion in the meeting of all the parties, on the basis of that the government will announce it after taking a decision. As soon as everyone’s consent comes, after that, a date will be fixed and we will talk in full detail. We don’t think there is any scope for any disagreement.”

Government alert about the possible third wave of Corona

On the question of Omicron, the new variant of Corona, the Chief Minister said that the threat of Corona is not over yet. Once again it is spreading all over the world. The Bihar government is fully alert about the possible third wave of Corona. Guidelines have also been issued in this regard. The Health Minister has also given complete information about this. A review meeting has been held regarding this. Everyone is aware of this. He said that the testing of corona is also being done rapidly.

The state will get an adequate stock of fertilizers in 7 days

On the question of shortage of manure in Bihar, the Chief Minister said that there is some problem of manure. The Union Minister has been notified regarding this. He has assured that within 7 days sufficient consignment of manure will reach Bihar. In this regard, the Agriculture Minister and officials of the state have been asked to be conscious and alert. After a day or two, the availability of fertilizers will again be reviewed in Bihar. There was some decrease in the availability of manure, the central government is making efforts regarding this. The Union Minister has given assurance that the problem will be resolved in a few days.