Nitish government’s gift to health workers; 50 thousand workers engaged in Covid work will get full incentive

The incentive amount will be paid to the health workers engaged as frontline workers in the Covid-19 epidemic in remote rural areas at the lowest level of the health system in Bihar. The Health Department has approved the payment of incentive amount to the health workers employed at the Health Sub-Centre-cum-Health and Wellness Center.

State Health Committee Executive Director Sanjay Kumar Singh has issued instructions to the civil surgeons of all the districts and directed them to give incentives to the personnel posted at these centers. The number of these health workers is more than 50 thousand. They will be paid the full incentive amount.

Community Health Officer, ASHA, and ANM will be paid 

Official sources of the Health Department said that the Community Health Officer (Community Health Officer-CHO), ASHA worker and ANM (Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery) posted in the State Health Sub-Centre-cum-Community Health Center will be paid this. 

In addition to an honorarium to all CHOs, an achievement-based incentive amount of Rs 15 thousand is paid per month. At the same time, ANM and ASHA working in the health and wellness center and its nutritional sector are paid a maximum conditional incentive amount of Rs 1500 and Rs 1000 respectively. 

Approval was given on the instructions of the Central Government 

The Health Department, following the instructions of the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi, has directed all CHOs, ASHA and ANMs to make full payment of the incentive amount. No deduction will be made in the incentive amount payable for them. 

Full incentive amount will be paid for five months

According to the information, a five-month incentive amount will be paid during the third wave of Corona. According to the department, the incentive amount will be paid from October 2021 to March 2022. All civil surgeons have been directed to ensure payment of incentive amount.  

About 30 thousand ASHAs will be benefited in the state 

According to departmental sources, about 30 thousand ASHA workers in the state will be benefited by this instruction of the Health Department. At the same time, 20 thousand ANMs and about nine hundred Community Health Officers (CHOs) will be paid incentive money.