COVID: Patients will not wander for oxygen, 9100 cylinders will be produced daily in Patna

This time in Bihar, corona patients will not have to deal with a lack of oxygen. Compared to the second wave of Corona, this time the capacity of oxygen production in Patna has increased. District Magistrate Dr. Chandrashekhar Singh held a meeting with the manager of the Oxygen Supply Unit and inquired about the capacity and supply of each unit.

It was told that this time the capacity of oxygen production has increased. There are seven plants, which have a capacity to produce 9100 cylinders of oxygen per day. In the second wave, 6200 cylinders of oxygen were being produced per day. This time 96 private hospitals are listed for the treatment of Covid, whereas in the past only 92 hospitals were listed. The DM also gave necessary instructions for meeting with the officials of various cells for the control and prevention of Covid infection.

Oxygen Production Plant Capacity Per Day

Bansi Air Gas Pvt Ltd, Fatuha 2200 Cylinder
Patliputra Industrial Gas Pvt Ltd, Sabalpur 2200 Cylinder
Usha Air Products Limited Bypass, Sipara 1800 Cylinder
Gaurav Air Products Pvt Ltd 800 Cylinder
Oxy Gas Products, Fatuha 800 Cylinder
Frozen Cell Infertility Research Centre, Marcha Mirchi 800 Cylinder
Gangotri Gas, Bihta 500 Cylinder

22 hundred people were fined without masks, 7 shops sealed

Ten raid teams and 34 teams to ensure compliance with the Covid standard and the mask checking campaign continued on Friday as well. In this sequence, a fine of Rs 26 thousand 150 was collected from 2222 people who did not wear masks. At the same time, 19 vehicles were seized, while seven shops were sealed. So far, a fine of 1 lakh 16 thousand 500 rupees has been collected in mask checking. 48 shops/restaurants and 143 vehicles were also checked on Friday.

Rs. 10 lakh 15 thousand has been recovered in the investigation of vehicles on Friday. So far 18 lakh 47 thousand have been recovered in-vehicle investigation. Three shops in Patna Sadar and 4 in Masaudhi were sealed for not following the Corona guidelines. On Friday also 15 shops were sealed in Patna Sadar. Thus far 18 shops have been sealed in the Patna Sadar area.