Board exam in Bihar from February 1; Vaccination target by January 26, Antibody will also be tested

During the intermediate board exam in Bihar, students will have to take a double test this time. One subject and the other antibody. The Bihar Board exam has not been postponed even during the Corona period, students will have to be careful with themselves regarding the transition in the inter examination to be held from February 1. However, the target has been given to vaccinating all the students who appeared for the exam by January 26, before the Bihar Board exam, while according to experts, it normally takes 14 days for the body to produce antibodies against the corona even after vaccination. In such a situation, the danger of corona during the exam cannot be ruled out.

Battle of exams and vaccinations

The vaccination of children between 15 to 18 years has been started on January 3. There are about 83 lakh such children in Bihar, who fall in this age group. So far 26,99,742 people of this age group have got the vaccination done in Bihar. Regarding the board exam, the Bihar government has to complete the vaccination by 26 January to such children, who are going to appear in the board examination. The battle of Corona is going on through social distance with vaccination and masks.

This time in the third wave of infection, children are also getting infected in large numbers. In such a situation, Corona has also brought alarm bells regarding children. Even after this threat, the government is completely determined to conduct the Bihar Board exam on time. The exam could have been postponed for some time. At least it could have been done after the expected peak, but the government says that the exam will be held on time.

This may increase the risk

Experts are saying that the peak of the third wave can come by the end of January, which will remain till the second week of February. In such a situation, there is a lot of fear among people about infection. Experts say that there can be an unexpected increase in cases during the peak. People are being warned with this alert.

People are being asked to be very careful about safety and follow the guidelines of Corona to prevent infection. Emphasis is being laid on social distancing. Along with this, many restrictions have also been increased by the government. If the peak of Corona came in the last week of January and its effect remains till the second week of February, then the difficulty may increase at the time of board exams.

Know what experts say about antibodies

According to Dr. Rajat, an expert engaged in vaccination in Patna, when the body has antibodies, it has the full capacity to fight the virus. Vaccines are being given to deal with the coronavirus and the fight against corona is done only with antibodies in the body prepared from the vaccine.

Dr. Rajat says that the preparation of antibodies also takes time. It is not that antibodies are prepared as soon as the vaccine is taken. What is the study about this so far; according to him, when a person takes the first dose of the vaccine, it normally takes 14 days for antibodies to be ready inside him, but if someone takes the second dose, then antibodies start forming in his body in 7 days, while the booster that is, the antibody starts working immediately in the body of the person taking the preparation dose. In such a situation, on average, it takes 14 days for the first dose of the vaccine.