Bihar: Unnamed and illegally occupied land will be considered government property

On Thursday, the Bihar Land Filing Amendment Bill – 2021 was unanimously passed in the Bihar Legislative Assembly. Presenting the bill in the House, Revenue and Land Reforms Minister Ramsurat Kumar said that as soon as this law is implemented, all the unnamed or illegally occupied land in the state will be the property of the government. Publicity will be done by the state government to update the pending land document case of family partition. So that, updated digital records of land can be prepared and disputes regarding land in the state can be ended. 

On Thursday, the Revenue Minister also gave detailed information on the Bihar Land Filing Rejected Amendment Bill – 2021. The Revenue Minister mentioned in detail the family distribution of ancestral properties and appealed to all the public representatives to take initiative to rectify the land records. The Revenue Minister informed that the work of survey of land is going on in the state. Along with this a digital map is being prepared. Now the Khatiyan will be distributed and the land will be sold from it, along with this the registration of its map will go on. 

During the discussion on the Bihar Land Filing Rejected Amendment Bill – 2021, BJP MLA Naval Kishore Yadav questioned that if a property is registered in the same person’s other name or abbreviation instead of one’s real name (original name), then what will be done in such a case. On this, the Revenue Minister said that all such assets will be of the state government. Along with this, Dr. Ramchandra Purve from the opposition and Sameer Kumar of Congress praised the present need for this bill and also proposed a partial amendment. However, it was passed unanimously. After the bill is passed by the Legislature, it will be sent to the Governor for approval and as soon as it is approved, it will be implemented in the entire state.