Bihar: These 3 young people are taking the products of Bihar to the whole country through

According to NITI Aayog’s Poverty Index 2021, Bihar is the poorest state in the country. According to the index, 51.91 percent of the population of Bihar is poor. It was seen during the first and second waves of Corona that people of Bihar who were working in different states came back to Bihar in large numbers. Many types of campaigns were also launched to make work available to them here.

#IndustryInBihar trended globally on Twitter in which crores of people gave their support, many promises were also made by the government, but as soon as the effect of Corona was done, everything came back to the old state and the people of Bihar came back to different places in search of work. started returning to the states.

In view of this big problem, three youths of Bihar, Alok Kumar, Rahul Samrat, and Prakhyat Kashyap started Beatskart is an Online Marketplace for Products and Brands of Bihar which works to bring Merchandise, Fashion, Handicrafts, Food & Sweets, and Bihar D2C Brands of Bihar to all over the country.

Customers can choose from anywhere in the country any Bihar products like Thekua in Food, Khaja, Makhana or Mithila Sarees in Fashion, Bhagalpuri Tasar Silk Sarees, Sikki Art in Handicrafts, Madhubani Paintings, Muzaffarpur Ki Lathi, or Bihari Tshirts, Hoodies in Merchandise, You can buy Bihar Heritage Coasters, etc.

Not only this, local brands of Bihar like Boyo, Mithila Naturals, Sattuz, Agrifeeder, and many more such brands whose products are not only becoming a part of everyday life but also creating employment opportunities in Bihar.

Alok, the founder of, says that “Despite the products of Bihar being so excellent, they do not make their place in the market, while people of Bihar are employed in almost all industries at every level. The main reason for this is not being able to place their product properly in the market, not being able to do branding and marketing of the product and not being able to provide easy accessibility to the customers, otherwise Bihar and Biharis have so much capacity to lead the entire country in production. can do. website has been created to make these products and brands accessible to the market in the right way and also to make available all the selected products of Bihar easily to the customers anywhere in the country.”

Alok also wants to appeal to the Bihari people living everywhere in the country to give a chance to the brands and entrepreneurs here by buying products from to support their state and their entrepreneurs, Beatskart currently has 20+ sellers. We are listed whose products quality and packaging are so good that you yourself will become their regular customer.

Amar Choudhary (IIMA), Founder, Healthy Snacking Brand Boyo on says, “Beatskart is not only taking Boyo to the entire country but is also providing a platform to the young entrepreneurs starting in Bihar from where they can create new innovations. You can think of starting products and brands, this is such a picture of changing Bihar that will decide the direction of the next 50 years. ,

With the idea of ​​#AbLocalBanegaGlobal, Beatskart has added 20+ sellers and 3000+ customers in 6 months so far. By the end of 2022, Bratskirt aims to add 50+ sellers and 5 lakh customers.