Bihar: The pipe will have to be changed after each breath analyzer test

During the breath analyzer test being done to check for alcohol consumption, there is also a risk of infection, so now after each test is conducted the extension pipe will have to be changed to avoid any infection. Excise Commissioner B Karthikeya Dhanaji told during the press conference on Monday that there is no shortage of extension pipes with the department. Police or Excise Department personnel should ensure its compliance.

He said that to increase the strictness against liquor, the number of Anti Liquor Task Force is also being increased in the districts. In many districts, the number of ALTFs has been increased from one to eight. It is being formed at the level of DM and SP. Apart from this, bikes, scooters, and other resources are also being provided for raids, intelligence, etc.

KK Pathak’s mobile hangs due to the complaints of prohibition

KK Pathak, the Additional Chief Secretary, issued for the complaints of prohibition, is getting so many messages that the mobile is hanging again and again. Messages coming on WhatsApp are being sent to the DM, SP of the districts along with the product superintendents and action taken report is being sought. People whose complaints are being processed are also sending a message of gratitude. In view of the increasing number of complaints, instead of mobile, arrangements are being made to monitor messages through web WhatsApp in the control room. After strictness, an average of 14 thousand liters of liquor is being caught every day.

The department will take the help of drones to monitor the forest areas, Diyara area, and remote countryside areas being used for the manufacture of liquor. The Excise Commissioner said that the tender has been floated for the selection of an agency providing drone service. Drones will soon be made available in the districts as per the demand of the SP-DM. 70 IT boys and 127 computer operators have also been kept for district offices.