Bihar: Startup started by two Biharis raises one lakh dollars in funding

There is a lot of progress in the education world in the country. Everyone big and small is playing their part in this. Everyone is trying to take the country forward by doing something new.

Meanwhile, Arbab Usmani from Muzaffarpur and Abhishek Gupta from Gopalganj started Uppskill, an ed-tech startup. Uppskill’s vision is to bridge the gap between digital training every day and helping Indian citizens get proper training and learning. Funding from digital marketplaces like Acquired will help them expand their efforts to work on this vision with more technological developments and learnings.

Upskill recently acquired Bengaluru-based investment tech startup OK! Acquired (Ok! Acquired) and its investors have announced $1 million in funding. This is Upskill’s first institutional round of seed funding. With this new round of seed funding, Upskill’s current valuation now stands at $1 million.

The online educational platform wants to use these funds to further build its technology platform and expand into various training areas such as sales, operations, finance and technology. This round of funding will be used to expand to more cities for offline training and customized corporate training for groups and individuals.

Arbab Usmani, Muzaffarpur resident, Co-Founder and CEO, Upskill said, “With this partnership, we aim to empower more people and improve our ecosystem. We will use this fund to grow our learning platform by investing in technology so that we can impact more people, while simultaneously empowering more students.”

Backed with seed funding from OK! Acquired, the upskill team is ready to face its new goals as well as pursue new goals on the near horizon. Ok! The joint efforts of Acquired and Upskill are now working towards their core goal of sustainability and growth in the digital technology space and growing together in a new, digital India. Arbab is handling the day to day activities of Upskill.