Bihar: Samastipur to become the first district in the state to set up a plastic recycling plant

Plastic recycling plant will be set up at trenching ground at Dharampur in the Samastipur Municipal Corporation area. The administrative initiative has been started in this regard. It is said that Samastipur is the first district in the state to set up a plastic recycling plant in the municipal area. At this plant, plastic litter to be received from the outgoing 29 wards of the city council, as well as 16 new panchayats added to the corporation area, will be given. The municipal administration will separate the plastic from the garbage received from all the places of the corporation area and make it available to the recycling plant.

On behalf of the plant, the corporation will also reinstate the volunteer as a sanitation partner for the purchase of plastic in and around the area. At the same time, common people will also be able to sell plastic directly to the plant. Where any goods will be provided to them according to the amount of plastic weight. Regarding this, Municipal Commissioner Sanjeev Kumar said that an agreement has been signed with the CEE company regarding the plastic recycling plant. The work on the trenching ground will start soon.

Plastic will have to be recycled and made useful again:

Prabhjot Sodhi, Senior Project Director of CEE Prabhjot Sodhi said that plastic remains a part of our life. Its use in packaging is wrong. Today 46% of plastic is of single-use.

400 million MT plastic is used in the world:

A program was organized at Navodaya Vidyalaya, Birauli, late on Thursday night to start a plastic recycling plant in the corporation area. Where retired IAS Hem Pandey told that 400 million MT plastic is used every year in the world. In which only 9 percent is recycled. Whereas 12 percent are burnt. Due to which pollution spreads. Today we have to see Belth in the West. We need to segregate the domestic waste.