Bihar: One and a half lakh teachers will be appointed in Bihar

Bihar Education Department Minister Vijay Kumar Choudhary, who was constantly surrounded by questions on the issue of teacher reinstatement, has clarified the situation. Replying to the debate on supplementary expenditure statement in the Vidhan Sabha on Thursday, he said that about 1.25 lakh teachers would be appointed as soon as the process of Panchayat elections is over. Soon after this, eight and a half thousand physical teachers will also be appointed. He also informed that the process of reinstatement of about 40 thousand teachers has already been completed. But the government has decided to give appointment letters to all the teachers together. This will be done so that later there is no dispute regarding the preference. He told that if there is an appointment on different dates on the basis of the same advertisement, then a person can also go to the court regarding this. To avoid this situation, a simultaneous appointment will be made.

The Education Minister further said that due to the Panchayat elections, this process is still interrupted. The situation is that in some panchayats the appointment of teachers has been done, the process of investigation is going on in some places, and in some the process of application is going on. In such a situation, if appointment letters are given to the teachers of any Panchayat, then the matter of preference will come. Therefore, the candidates should not fall under any sway or provocation. As soon as the appointment process is completed, 1.25 lakh teachers will be given appointment letters simultaneously.

The Education Minister said that after the Panchayat elections, the appointment process of 1.25 lakh teachers would be completed first, after which 8,300 physical education instructors would be reinstated. For this an eligibility test will be conducted. He also said that the state government will promote Sanskrit and Urdu education and it will be made better than any other state in the country.

On the allegations of the opposition of Bihar being backward in the field of education, the Education Minister said that compared to the situation in the year 2005, there has been a lot of improvement in the tenure of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The number of primary schools has increased from 37 thousand to 40 thousand. The number of secondary schools then was 13 and a half thousand. He is now 29 thousand.

Pointing to the rigging in the teacher reinstatement during the RJD regime, he said that the teachers were reinstated from the Bihar Public Service Commission. But, during that time only one out of four chairpersons of the commission were suspended. Three had to go to jail. There is complete transparency in the restoration policy of the Nitish government.

The Education Minister also said that some people complain about the low wages paid to the teachers of the state. In the restoration which is being done now, 36 thousand rupees will be given as salary to the teachers of the state. This is more than Rs 31 thousand in Assam and Rs 34 thousand for Jharkhand. In Bihar, teachers of upper primary are given a salary of 38 thousand, in Jharkhand 35 thousand and in Assam 33 thousand rupees.

Vijay Chaudhary told in the house that higher secondary schools are being run in five and a half thousand panchayats. Arrangements for building and teachers are also being made for them. However, he acknowledged that due to the shortage of teachers, education in some schools is getting disrupted. Soon this problem will go away. Primary schools have opened at a distance of one kilometer, middle schools within three kilometres, and secondary schools within five kilometres.