BIHAR: Education in Bihar’s government schools became expensive, fees increased by 2.5 half times

Admission to government schools in Bihar has now become expensive. The Education Department has decided to increase the admission fee of secondary and higher secondary schools unexpectedly. Under this decision, it has now been increased to Rs 50, whereas earlier only 15 to 20 rupees had to be paid as entry fee. Apart from this, the Education Department has also taken many important decisions regarding fee hikes, which will give great relief to the students.

Now absenteeism and late fees have been abolished in secondary schools. In the name of development fees, fees have not been increased in secondary schools and only Rs 80 development fee will have to be paid, whereas, in higher secondary schools, the development fee has been increased from Rs 160 to Rs 200. At the same time, re-admission fees and migration fees have also been abolished in secondary schools.

According to the order, the entertainment fee has also been increased from Rs 10 to Rs 20, while a separate fee of Rs 50 has been fixed for school maintenance. Talking about the higher secondary, here the entertainment fee has been increased by 3 times to Rs 60, while the electricity fee has been increased from 60 to 80, with no change in the maintenance fee, it has been kept at Rs 150. Students will now also have to pay the fee for the identity card which was earlier provided free of cost.

Now for the admit card also 20 rupees will have to be paid. 50 rupees will also have to be paid for forms and prospects in middle school; which was earlier provided free of cost. Along with this, the principals of secondary and higher secondary schools have now been given the power to spend more amount and now the principals will be able to spend up to 2.5 lakhs annually. According to the criterion that has been fixed, till now one and a half lakh students will be able to spend more than 500, 2 lakh on more than 500 and principal with more than 750 numbers will be able to spend 2.5 lakh annually.