Astronomy’s book ‘Grahan Mala’ written in Bihar, contains information about thousand years of eclipses

Saturday, 4th December is the last solar eclipse of the year 2021. It will not be seen in India. However, its effect is believed to occur from an astrological point of view. It is a matter of yesterday’s solar eclipse, but do you know that in a book written in Bihar, information about the solar and lunar eclipses that will take 1100 years has been given? We are talking about the book ‘Grahana Mala’ written by Mahamahopadhyay Hemangad Thakur about four hundred years ago. This book is available at Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University, Darbhanga, Bihar.

The book ‘Grahan Mala’ gives information about solar and lunar eclipses up to 1088 years. Being written about four hundred years ago, it still gives information about the solar and lunar eclipses that will take place for the next 708 years. Such information given in the book has been almost accurate so far. Somewhere there is a slight difference in the calculations, but we must not forget that this book was written four hundred years ago. This difference also depends on the person writing and the method of writing at that time.

Hemangad Thakur, the author of the book, was a member of the Darbhanga royal family. He had a special interest in astrology and astronomy. His life span was between 1530 and 1590. Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University was established on 26 January 1961 in Darbhanga. After this, Hemangad Thakur, who was a learned member of the royal family, published the said book ‘Grahan Mala’ by the Publications Department of the University. This book can be purchased from the library and book-selling center of the university.

Ramchandra Jha, the former vice-chancellor of Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University, says that this book is calculated between Shaka Samvat 1542 to 2630. Talking about the English year, the book gives information about the eclipses occurring for 1088 years from 1620 to 2708.