Apple and tuberose will now be cultivated in Samastipur; Benefit of the scheme on the lines of ‘first come first serve’

Now apple and tuberose will be produced in the Samastipur district of Bihar. The district has been selected under the pilot project by the Directorate of Horticulture. Preference will be given to the applicant on a first come first serve basis. Interested farmers can apply online. Under the pilot project in the district, a target of cultivating tuberose in five hectares and apple cultivation in one hectare has been set. Farmers will be given a grant-in-aid of 50 percent of the actual cost price, up to a maximum of Rs 92 thousand 500.

Horticulture Officer Dr. Shrikant informed that the district has been selected for the cultivation of tuberose. The farmers taking benefit of this scheme will have to apply online. The benefits of the scheme will be made on first come first serve basis. The demand for tuberose flower has increased. Farmers will not need to travel here and there to sell it. The flower merchants themselves will buy from the farmers’ fields.

Farmers will be happy by cultivating flowers:

Farmers will get good income due to increase in demand for flowers. Earnings of lakhs of rupees can increase every year. The way the department has made people aware to promote mushroom in the district, in the same way, promotion will be done for the cultivation of flowers. Let us inform that a group of people of rural areas is prepared for mushroom production. After three days of training, they are given mushroom kits at subsidized rates. 90 percent grant amount. A target has been set to provide kits to 25 thousand general and five thousand SC and ST farmers in the district.

Under the Special Horticultural Crop Scheme, the Agriculture Department farmers will cultivate apple and tuberose in the district. In SEBI and tuberose cultivation, 50 percent of the cost will be given in three phases.