Another hurdle in the construction of a new four-lane bridge on the Ganga in Bhagalpur

The fifth round of talks between the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, and the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) regarding the parallel bridge of Vikramshila Setu also remained fruitless. Due to this, the construction of a four-lane bridge on the river Ganges in Burari has been eclipsed at present. L&T got the contract to build the bridge in February last year itself. The letter of acceptance has also been signed.

The Ministry of Road Transport Highways (Morth) has signed an agreement with the selected agency for the construction of a four-lane bridge in June itself. No Objection Certificate (NOC) has also been received from the Forest Department. Not only this, the office of the contracting agency at Adampur and the place for the plant in Burari has also been selected. But the Inland Waterways Authority of India did not give NOC for the construction of the bridge, keeping the condition of keeping the span of the entire bridge part 100 meters.

IWAI says that it is seen that where the bridge is built, the distance of the span in the mainstream is made 100 or more meters, but the distance of the span apart from the mainstream is kept only 50 to 60 meters. This is not fair from an environmental point of view. Therefore, the span distance of the entire section of the bridge should be 100 meters or more. The construction of the bridge will be allowed on this condition. The basis of this technical arrangement on behalf of the Waterways Authority was told to the environment and commercial that if the distance of the span of the bridge is not more than 100 meters, then cargo ships will not be able to pass through it. Apart from this, due to the distance of the span being 100 meters, the flow of water will also be properly and relatively less silt will accumulate. At the same time, the agency selected to build the bridge says that if a bridge has to be built after designing a span of 100 meters, then Rs 400 crore more is needed. Because the estimate is made as per the earlier design and the same amount will be spent. The construction amount will increase when the design is changed. At present, the ministry has not agreed on this amount. here,

The process of land acquisition is in the final stage. The construction of 4.455 km long four-lane bridge is to be made 50 meters away from Vikramshila Setu towards Barari crematorium. Footpath is to be made on both sides of this 68 foot bridge. 875 meters towards Navagachia and 987 meters towards Bhagalpur.

If the issues between the two were resolved by the International Waterways Authority, the progress of the bridge construction work would also have been seen. The target of building the bridge has been kept by 2025. 838 crore will be spent on the construction of the approach road including the bridge.