An underground tunnel to connect Patna Museum with Bihar Museum, PMRCL to get construction tender

Patna Metro Rail Corporation Limited (PMRCL) may get the tender to construct a 1.4 km long tunnel between Patna Museum and Bihar Museum. Due to its expertise in tunnel construction, the high-level committee of the state government is considering the agency as its final call. Since the tunnel route will also cross the Patna Metro Project on Bailey Road, the Patna Metro can be given the responsibility to avoid any technical problems and to bring ease with coordination.

The tunnel will start from the Patna Museum premises and will go underground via Vidyapati Marg, Planetarium, Income Tax Golambar, Patna Women’s College and will exit in the premises of Bihar Museum. Equipped with air-conditioned facilities, this single tunnel will be three meters high and three meters wide. On the same ticket, spectators will be able to roam on both the premises and visit both the museums.

After the inspection of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, this proposal has been thoroughly discussed in the meeting of the high-level committee. In the meeting, including the Chief Secretary, all the senior officials related to art, culture, city development, road construction, and museums were present.

This tunnel, which will be built at a cost of about one hundred and fifty crore rupees, will also be given the look of a museum. For this, instructions have been given to the Art, Culture Department to keep the old artifacts inside the Patna Museum clean and ready which will be used to make this tunnel a museum-worthy experience.

The first route of Patna Metro from Danapur to Patna Junction on Bailey Road is underground RPS Mor and Patna Junction. In such a situation, this underground tunnel will have to cross the path of Patna Metro at someplace between High Court and Income Tax Golambar on Bailey Road.

In such a situation, instructions have been given to the officers and engineers of Patna Metro as well as the Road Construction and Urban Development Department to do the needful in order to solve the technical problems that may arise. The Bihar State Bridge Construction Corporation has already submitted its report on the blueprint and technical points of the tunnel to the state government.