EC acts strictly in Bihar, 27 former candidates banned from contesting elections

In Bihar Assembly General Election, 27 candidates of Bihar have been banned from contesting for three years. The time-limit of all these candidates has been fixed for 2021 and 2022. This action has been taken on these candidates after the election expenses details were not provided to the Election Commission after the election. In general elections, the candidates who contest the elections are required to give details of the expenses incurred in the election after the election.

These former candidates also did not give any real reason for not giving details of election expenses. Commission sources said that under section (a) of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, if a person does not give details of electoral expenditure within 30 days of the election results or is unable to give any clear reason for not giving the details, then the Election Commission can ban him/her from contesting election for the next three years.

According to the list released by the commission, Anant Kumar of Alinagar (till 7.10.2021), Vijay Kumar of KVT (till 7.10.2021) and Ashok Kumar Jha (till 19.9.2021), Babita Devi of Khagaria (till 7.10.2021), Kusheswar Turanti Sada (as of 17.08.21) of Place (Su), Tarakant Jha of Benipur (till 17.8.2021) and Jitendra Paswan (till 17.8.2021), Md Arshad of Hayaghat (till 17.8.2021) and Ramsakha Paswan (till 17.8.2021), Lakhindra Paswan (till 17.8.2021) of Patepur, Satish Prasad Singh (till 17.8.2021) of Parbatta, Raghunandan Prasad Singh (till 19.9.2021) of Gaighat ), And Rani Singh (till 19.9.2021), Sanjay Kumar Maurya of Hathua (till 19.9.2021), and Farooq Khan (till 19.9.2021), Subodh Kumar of Kumhar (till 19.9.2021), Ranjit Kumar of Kutumba ( 19.9.2021), Aurangabad’s Sanjeet Kumar Chaurasia (till 19.9.2021) and Yashwant Lal Satyarthi (till 19.9.2021), Surjit Suman alias Surjit Kumar (till 18.1.22) and Ashraf Sani (till 18.1.22), Abhay Kumar (till 18.1.22), Puja Kumari (till 18.1.22), Kumar Vijay (till 18.1.22), Janki Devi of Bhore (Su) (till 18.1.22), Sharma Devi (till 18.1.22) and Beldaud Bindu Devi (till 18.1.22) have been banned from contesting elections.